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Never ever ever ever ever ever ever ever ever ever give up!

It takes a lot of faith to love someone . . . more than you think you could ever have. By loving someone deeply though all that comes, we learn how to love others better and how to become better people.

What I have learned so far is “Hang in there.”

It’s more than a cliche or some thoughtless advice that a person tosses your way instead of listening . . . it’s actually a way of life.

Mothers & The Minivan . . .

When asked what they feel is most important, young parents and, especially mother’s, will say “safety” above anything else . . . but are SUV’s and large SUV’s actually safer than minivans?

Hell Has Frozen Over . . . Korean Cars Are on Top?

In Consumer Reports latest review of “Upscale Sedans”, the Hyundai Genesis topped its list, beating out competitors like the Acura, Lexus, Audi, and even BMW.