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Things you probably didn’t know about Subaru:

1. They are owned by “Fuji Heavy Industries” in Japan. 2. This company is a defense contractor and makes parts for aircraft (like the Boeing 777), also. 3. Toyota is a partial owner of Fuji Heavy Industries 4. There is a Subaru plane, that they once produced…ending production in 1986. 5. Fuji produced engines for [...]

Quick thoughts on the Subaru Impreza STi:

Yes, I have owned a couple…It’s basically and supercar crossbred with Toyota Corolla, that gets terrible fuel economy…I mean TERRIBLE…about the same as a V10 M5, actually…Getting 12 mpg isn’t uncommon. “Wait, what, Aaron?”…you say…”No, the internet says that it gets better fuel economy.” Well, news flash…the internet is stupid, sometimes. Yes, the epa rating [...]

How to guess a good or bad credit score in a 10 minute conversation.

In the car business there is a very important question that must be answered as soon as possible without coming off, well, “pushy”….it’s this….Can you afford this car? A lot of times this comes down to credit and a person’s ability to get financing. What I’ve learned in my many years of selling cars to [...]

You have $22,000 to spend, which of these would you buy and why?

The U.S.News has released the top 19 mid-sized sedans for sale in the United States. If you have a budget of $22,000 which would you buy?

Economy cars are getting hotter as the gas prices are getting higher . . .

I was a little taken aback from not seeing this . . . or thinking about this happening . . . it makes sense. A client calls me, asks about getting a Prius. She asks me what is the average market price on a 2008 to 2009 model. Well, the last one I bought was [...]

ECONOMIC DISASTER IS AROUND THE CORNER: Hey, SUV Lover’s . . . Love something else or get ready to pay!!!

Based on energy expert’s predictions, the odds are very good that gas is going to break $4.00 a gallon this year . . . and they are also good that it’s not going to go down from there . . . If your memory is patchy the last time gas hit $4.00 a gallon, we also has a economic disaster. The causation between gas price and people’s economic situation are very closely related . . . because the operation cost of our daily lives increases substantially and this makes our available funds for other things more limited.

Dear Chrysler . . . are you done sucking?

Dear Chrysler:

I have seen images of what you’re putting out these days, like that new 2011 300 Sedan, and I just don’t care ( . . but I would like to.

See, the problem that I find in your products is that they are underwhelming when compared to their rivals and time has shown they are exquisite examples of reliability time-bombs, with your engines that tire after 100,000 miles and transmissions that seem too made of papier-mâché and tin foil. . . The fact is, your cars are disposable and I haven’t seen much in the past 3 decades that has swayed me from coming to this conclusion.

One very lucky driver

This accident occurred north of Deer Lodge on I-90. The driver was appx 22 year old guy heading east to College. He had left central Washington early in the morning.

He fell asleep at the wheel and drifted off the shoulder hitting the end of the section of guard rail.

The guard rail came through the right headlight, engine compartment, firewall, glove box, passenger seat, rear seat and exited out the driver’s side rear window.

That is 120 LF of guard rail that threaded through the suburban.

No passengers and the driver was not injured.

How to detail your car 101 . . . Part 1.

Want to wash your car right? Get the right tools. So step 1: Go shopping. Most of these materials you might already have on hand or maybe not. Just assuming you are starting from scratch, here’s a shopping list of what you will need to wash and detail your car properly. Get the following items: [...]

Never ever ever ever ever ever ever ever ever ever give up!

It takes a lot of faith to love someone . . . more than you think you could ever have. By loving someone deeply though all that comes, we learn how to love others better and how to become better people.

What I have learned so far is “Hang in there.”

It’s more than a cliche or some thoughtless advice that a person tosses your way instead of listening . . . it’s actually a way of life.