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Rantings about buying a nice performance car for under $30,000

The Lotus Elise: I owned an Elise for a bit (before the semi-truck ran it over). Here’s my my take on it (not that you asked) . . . It’s a great car if you don’t have any friends or care to have anyone ride with you. It’s a ton of fun, but it ends [...]

Before you make another joke about Toyota.

I know that it makes no point to argue, so I’ve decided to research this issue and see what really up and provide some facts to help me and you see what’s going on and give this whole incident some perspective.

First off, what I’ve found, is the incidents of sticking accelerators was vary small in proportion to the media fervor thrown at Toyota.

According to the NHTSA, of the 9 million cars recalled by Toyota, the total complaints brought against the company were an alleged total of 37.

Buying on a budget . . . Think Yaris :)

I have an easy time saying that the Yaris is on my “favorites list” for small cars.