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Dear Chrysler . . . are you done sucking?

Dear Chrysler:

I have seen images of what you’re putting out these days, like that new 2011 300 Sedan, and I just don’t care ( . . but I would like to.

See, the problem that I find in your products is that they are underwhelming when compared to their rivals and time has shown they are exquisite examples of reliability time-bombs, with your engines that tire after 100,000 miles and transmissions that seem too made of papier-mâché and tin foil. . . The fact is, your cars are disposable and I haven’t seen much in the past 3 decades that has swayed me from coming to this conclusion.

Before you make another joke about Toyota.

I know that it makes no point to argue, so I’ve decided to research this issue and see what really up and provide some facts to help me and you see what’s going on and give this whole incident some perspective.

First off, what I’ve found, is the incidents of sticking accelerators was vary small in proportion to the media fervor thrown at Toyota.

According to the NHTSA, of the 9 million cars recalled by Toyota, the total complaints brought against the company were an alleged total of 37.