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Quick thoughts on the Subaru Impreza STi:

Yes, I have owned a couple…It’s basically and supercar crossbred with Toyota Corolla, that gets terrible fuel economy…I mean TERRIBLE…about the same as a V10 M5, actually…Getting 12 mpg isn’t uncommon. “Wait, what, Aaron?”…you say…”No, the internet says that it gets better fuel economy.” Well, news flash…the internet is stupid, sometimes. Yes, the epa rating [...]

Rantings about buying a nice performance car for under $30,000

The Lotus Elise: I owned an Elise for a bit (before the semi-truck ran it over). Here’s my my take on it (not that you asked) . . . It’s a great car if you don’t have any friends or care to have anyone ride with you. It’s a ton of fun, but it ends [...]